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Study ID Status Title Patient Level Data
99910/188 Completed Effects of Dopaminergic Agonist Treatment on Spinal Cord Excitability in Restless Legs Syndrome Study Listed on
999910/117 Completed Study to evaluate the immune response induced by DTPa/Hib and meningococcal C conjugate vaccines when given as a three-dose primary vaccination course in infants at 2, 3 and 4 months of age
999910/124 Completed A double blind, randomised, cross-over study to assess lamotrigine modulation of ketamine effects using functional magnetic resonance imaging in healthy male volunteers
999910/126 Completed A placebo-controlled, randomised, double-blinded, parallel group study in healthy volunteers to assess the effects of paroxetine on ejaculation and accompanying neurohumoral parameters.
999910/150 Completed A study in patients with Crohn's Disease to evaluate the effect of AVANDIA™ on inflammatory activity mediated by monocytes/macrophages.
999910/189 Completed A comparison of the effects of AVANDIA® on arterial stiffness in obese subjects and healthy non-obese control subjects
999910/193 Completed Prospective, Hospital-based, Multicentre Study to Assess the Incidence of Intussusception in Children < 2 Years of Age in Singapore
999910/196 Completed A randomized, placebo-controlled, single blind, 4 way cross-over study to investigate the effects of a single dose of Avandia® on renal function in healthy male volunteers.
A1900260 Completed A Pivotal Pharmacokinetic Study to Investigate Bioequivalence of a Fast-dissolving Paracetamol Tablet
A1900265 Completed A Two Part Pivotal Pharmacokinetic Study to Evaluate the Exposure and Variability in Absorption of Paracetamol from a Fast-dissolving Tablet
A1900279 Completed To test fast dissolving (FD) paracetamol tablets against standard paracetamol tablets for time and site of disintegration, dissolution, and gastric emptying
A1900385 Completed To investigate the absorption of paracetamol in diabetic subjects as a model of gastric dysmotility
A1900832 Completed A Pharmacokinetic Study to Evaluate the Rate and Extent of Absorption of Paracetamol from Two Formulations in an Indian Population.
A1901106 Completed A Study to Investigate the Gastrointestinal Safety of OTC Analgesics in Healthy Volunteers by Endoscopic Examination
A2210377 Completed A Pharmacokinetic Study Investigating the Rate of Absorption of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen Liquid Formulations in Adults
A2210378 Completed A Pharmacokinetic Study Investigating the Rate and Extent of Absorption of a New Paracetamol Paediatric Suspension compared to Two Marketed Paracetamol Suspensions
A2260334 Completed A Pivotal Bioequivalence Study to Compare Rapidly Absorbing and Standard Formulations of an Over the Counter Analgesic
A2260335 Completed To investigate headache relief of two analgesic test treatments over the time
A2260597 Terminated A study to assess the efficacy of paracetamol taken in combination with caffeine for the treatment of episodic tension type headache
A2260665 Completed A pivotal pharmacokinetic study investigating the extent of absorptions of paracetamol and caffeine for two different paracetomol formulations containing caffeine
A2290316 Completed A Proof-of-Principle Study to Evaluate a Combination Therapy for the Treatment of Migraine
A2330323 Completed An exploratory study to assess the efficacy and pharmacokinetics of two over-the counter analgesics in an experimental pain model
A2350325 Completed A Proof-of-Principle Clinical Study to Investigate the Efficacy of a Combination Treatment on Single and Repeated Nociceptive Stimuli
A2370327 Completed A Placebo Controlled Clinical Study to Investigate the Efficacy of a Combination Analgesic Treatment Compared to its Individual Components in Primary Dysmenorrhoea
A2400332 Completed A proof of principle pharmacokinetic (PK) study investigating the rate of absorption of paracetamol from sustained release liquid formulations



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