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Study ID Status Title Patient Level Data
EPI40050_2 Completed The Sumatriptan and Naratriptan Pregnancy Registry
EPI40105 Completed A post-marketing surveillance study of subject-reported adverse events rates for Malarone (atovaquone and proguanil), mefloquine and chloroquine/proguanil, when used for prophylaxis for travel up to 28 days maximum
EPI40404 Completed EPIDEMIOLOGY STUDY: Paroxetine in the First Trimester and the Prevalence of Congenital Malformations (Follow-up to Epidemiology Study: Final Report on Bupropion and Other Antidepressants, including Paroxetine, in Pregnancy and the Occurrence of Cardiovascular and Major Congenital Malformations)
EPV10001 Completed An Open-Label, Randomized, 2-way Cross-over Study to Compare the Steady-State Pharmacokinetics of Lamivudine and Lamivudine Triphosphate Following Lamivudine 300mg Once Daily Versus EPIVIR 150mg Twice a Day in Healthy Volunteers
EPV20001 Completed A Phase II/III 48-Week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Lamivudine 300mg QD vs Lamivudine 150mg BID in Combination with Zidovudine 300mg BID and Efavirenz 600mg QD in Antiretroviral-Naïve Adults with HIV-1 Infection. 48-Week Report
EPV40001 Completed Open-Label, Pilot Study To Explore The Early Antiviral Activity And Tolerability Of Abacavir And Epivir When Each Is Administered Once-Daily Within A Triple Combination Regimen Including Abacavir, Epivir And Retrovir Compared to The Triple Combination Regimen Administered Twice-Daily In Antiretr ...
EPZ104057 Completed A 96-Week, Phase IV, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter Study of the Safety and Efficacy of EPZICOM Versus TRUVADA Administered in Combination with KALETRA in Antiretroviral-Naive HIV-1 Infected Subjects
EPZ108859 Completed Safety and Efficacy of an Initial Regimen of Atazanavir (ATV) + Ritonavir (/r) + the Abacavir/Lamivudine Fixed-Dose Combination Tablet (ABC/3TC FDC) for 36 weeks followed by Simplification to Atazanavir with ABC/3TC FDC or Maintenance of the Initial Regimen for an Additional 48 weeks in Antiretroviral-Naive HIV-1 Infected HLA-B*5701 Negative Subjects followed by an Optional 60-Week Treatment Extension Phase
E-RHS00176 Completed A pharmacokinetic study comparing two azelastine hydrochloride nasal formulations in a single dose design
ESS 30005 Completed A phase IV, open-label, multicenter study of treatment with TRIZIVIR (abacavir 300mg/lamivudine 150mg/zidovudine 300mg) twice daily and tenofovir 300mg once-daily for 48 weeks in HIV-infected subjects experiencing early virologic failure (ZIAGEN Intensification Protocol)
ESS30008 Completed A Phase III, 48-Week, Open-Label, Randomized, Multicenter Study of the Safety and Efficacy of the Abacavir/Lamivudine Fixed-Dose Combination Tablet Administered QD Versus Abacavir + Lamivudine Administered BID in Combination with a PI or NNRTI in Antiretroviral Experienced Patients.
ESS30009 Completed A phase III, randomized, open-label, multicenter study of the safety and efficacy of efavirenz versus tenofovir when administered in combination with the abacavir/lamivudine fixed-dose combination tablet as a once-daily regimen in antiretroviral-naive HIV-1 infected subjects.
ESS40001 Completed A Phase II, Open-Label, Randomized Study to Compare the Efficacy and Safety of EPIVIR/ZIAGEN/Zerit (3TC/ABC/d4T) Versus EPIVIR/ZIAGEN/Sustiva (3TC/ABC/EFV) Versus EPIVIR/ZIAGEN/GW433908/Norvir (3TC/ABC/908/RTV) for 96 Weeks in the Treatment of HIV-1 Infected Subjects Who are Antiretroviral Thera ...
ESS40002 Completed A 96-Week, Randomized, Open-Label, Multi-center Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of the Antiretroviral Activity of Stavudine (40mg bid) + Lamivudine (150mg bid) + Nelfinavir (1250mg bid) Versus Abacavir (300mg bid) + COMBIVIR (3TC 150mg/ZDV 300mg bid) Versus COMBIVIR (3TC 150mg/ZDV ...
ESS40003 Completed Randomized, Multicenter, Open-Label Trial to Evaluate the Reversibility of Dyslipidemia upon Substitution of Abacavir for a Protease Inhibitor in Virologically Controlled HIV (+) Subjects with Elevated Cholesterol.
ESS40005 Completed A Phase IIIB Randomized, Multi-center Study of the Efficacy and Safety of COMBIVIR 1 Tablet PO BID Plus ZIAGEN 300mg PO BID Versus an Abacavir 300mg/Lamivudine 150mg/Zidovudine 300mg Combination Tablet PO BID, Administered for 24 Weeks in Subjects With HIV-1 Infection
ESS40006 Completed A Phase II, Randomized, Open-Label Comparative, Pilot Study of Two Different Dosage Regimens of Amprenavir (600 mg BID vs. 900 mg BID) in Combination with Ritonavir (100 mg BID) Plus Abacavir, Another NRTI, and Either Efavirenz or Tenofovir DF in HIV-1 Infected Subjects with Virologic Evidence o ...
ESS40009 Completed A Phase IV, Open-Label Study to Assess the Safety and Tolerability of Abacavir (Ziagen) in HIV-1 Infected Individuals and to Investigate the Effect of Baseline Genotype with Virtual Phenotype on the Response to Abacavir in Therapy Experienced Subjects in the Clinical Setting
ESS40010 Completed ESS40010, Trial to Assess the Regression of Hyperlactatemia and to Evaluate the Regression of Established Lipodystrophy in HIV-1-Positive Subjects (TARHEEL)
ESS40011 Completed A 24-week, Randomized, Open-Label, Multicenter Trial to Compare the Safety and Efficacy of the Licensed AGENERASE Dose (1200mg BID) to a Lower AGENERASE Dose (600mg BID) in the Presence of Norvir (100mg BID) when Combined with Other Background Antiretroviral Drugs in HIV-1 Infected Subjects.
ESS40013 Completed A Phase IV Multi-center Study of the Efficacy and Safety of 48-Week Induction Treatment with TRIZIVIR (Abacavir 300mg/Lamivudine 150mg/Zidovudine 300mg Combination Tablet BID) + Efavirenz (600mg QD) Followed by 48-Week Randomized, Open-Label, Maintenance Treatment with TRIZIVIR…
ESZ111503 Completed A randomised, double-blind, double-dummy, placebo-controlled, 3-way crossover study to evaluate potential next-day residual effects of a single evening dose of 3mg eszopiclone and 7.5mg zopiclone in healthy adult subjects.
FAP10001 Completed Dose proportionality of fluticasone propionate from HFA inhalers and effect of propellant on FP pharmacokinetics Study Listed on
FAP10006 Completed A Randomized, Open-Label, 2-Way Crossover, Repeat-Dose Study in Pediatric Subjects with Asthma, Age 4-11 Years, to Compare Systemic Exposure of Fluticasone Propionate 2x44mcg Following Administration by Metered-Dose Inhalers Containing Hydrofluoroalkane or Chlorofluorocarbon Propellants Study Listed on
FAP19052 Completed Pharmacodynamics of the 88mcg BID dose of the Hydrofluoroalkane propellant formulation of inhaled Fluticasone Propionate following Administration via the Metered-dose Inhaler in Pediatric Subjects 4 to 11 years of age with Asthma Study Listed on



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